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Our Weekend Team Building Adventure in Drina Tara camp

Team building activities are known to foster collaboration, boost morale, and strengthen bonds among colleagues. In pursuit of these objectives, our team embarked on an unforgettable weekend getaway in the breathtaking region of Drina Tara. Surrounded by nature’s tranquility and armed with enthusiasm, we ventured forth to explore the true essence of teamwork. Nestled in […]
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itMedia teambuilding – Zlatibor 2022.

itMedia teambuilding – Zlatibor 2022. It was a memorable month for our team as we traveled to the beautiful mountain resort of Zlatibor for a teambuilding retreat. The scenery alone was breathtaking, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests. Our days were filled with a variety of activities, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, and […]
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ItMedia integrated OpenAI into two projects

ItMedia recently integrated OpenAI into two projects, for our EU clients, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. For those unfamiliar with chat GPT, it is a language model developed by OpenAI that has been trained on a massive dataset of human-generated text. The model is able to generate human-like text and can […]
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Škola programiranja – sezona 2

Škola programiranja – sezona 2 Poslije uspješno završene prve sezone i velikog interesovanja polaznika, od 1. novembra kreće druga sezona frontend i backend škole. Početak obuke je planiran za 1. novembar. Sve informacije na 066 720 720 ili
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itMedia otvara školu programiranja

itMedia otvara školu programiranja Interesuje te programiranje i rad u IT sektoru? U tom slučaju imamo dobru vijest za tebe! itMedia od 1. oktobra otvara školu programiranja i poziva sve zainteresovane kandidate da se prijave!  Škola će se fokusirati na backend i frontend programiranje, te na razvoj iOS i Android aplikacija. Pored programerskih kurseva u ponudi […]
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OGLAS ZA POSAO Rad u digitalnom marketingu

OGLAS ZA POSAO Rad u digitalnom marketingu Odlično govoriš njemački jezik i usput se dobro snalaziš i na engleskom? Komunikacija sa drugim ljudima ti ne pada teško? Otvorenog si uma i voliš nove izazove? Onda si ti idealan kandidat za poziciju koju raspisujemo! Kao pojačanje postojećeg tima tražimo kandidata koji ispunjava gore navedene uslove i […]
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Why QA teams still need Manual testing?

Why QA teams still need Manual testing? When we talk about the software development life cycle, testing is one of the most important stages. One of the common discussions that arise among the QA teams is about manual and automated testing. These days a lot of things have been automated so it is kind of […]
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Essential frontend development skills and tools at itMedia

Essential frontend development skills and tools at itMedia You know that feeling when you click something on the web, something cool happens and you think to yourself “Wow, look at that”? Well, every magic moment on the web is a product of a front end developer. That is the person who makes the design alive […]
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