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OGLAS ZA POSAO Rad u digitalnom marketingu

Odlično govoriš njemački jezik i usput se dobro snalaziš i na engleskom? Komunikacija sa drugim ljudima ti ne pada teško? Otvorenog si uma i voliš nove izazove? Onda si ti idealan kandidat za poziciju koju raspisujemo! Kao pojačanje postojećeg tima tražimo kandidata koji ispunjava gore navedene uslove i kome socijalne mreže nisu nepoznata stvar. Konkurs […]
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Why QA teams still need Manual testing?

Why QA teams still need Manual testing? When we talk about the software development life cycle, testing is one of the most important stages. One of the common discussions that arise among the QA teams is about manual and automated testing. These days a lot of things have been automated so it is kind of […]
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Essential frontend development skills and tools at itMedia

Essential frontend development skills and tools at itMedia You know that feeling when you click something on the web, something cool happens and you think to yourself “Wow, look at that”? Well, every magic moment on the web is a product of a front end developer. That is the person who makes the design alive […]
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SQL vs NoSQL (MySQL vs MongoDB)

SQL vs NoSQL (MySQL vs MongoDB) We can freely say that data is more important than code. We can claim this on a premise that in the end of the day you look at data, you use data, you make decisions based on the information from that data as a source. And what code does […]
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Why do we love Angular in itMedia?

Why do we love Angular at itMedia? Not so long ago, it was enough to have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, and a base-level JavaScript with jQuery, to call yourself a front-end developer. Indeed, with those skills, you could build a decent, dynamic website. But with the growing possibilities of the web and […]
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Web development school

Web development school opening by end of 2020. You can start applying using our contact form. We will cover: Backend, Frontend, Android, iOS development.
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